The world economy is gathering pace again. The global growth forecast is steadily rising and job and labour markets are getting stronger. After a long time trying to recover from the global financial crisis, the outlook is starting to look positive.

Yet the people working at the coal face are not quite so upbeat. Employers in the UK are still pondering the impact of Brexit, in the US, economic and regulatory uncertainty is still the larger part of any wider discussion on the predicted recovery. The increasing costs of health coverage and other benefits is a major concern of UK and US small to mid-sized companies.

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Whilst the country-specific context may be different, the desired outcome is the same: no one wants their employees to be absent through sickness. Or present, but not firing on all cylinders. So, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to support your employees’ mental and physical health. After all, healthy people equals healthy profits. That’s the bottom line.


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If people are operating at optimum wellness, if they are feeling good and feeling healthy, they’re going to be more engaged. Individuals blossom in supportive environments. Teams are at their most creative when they connect properly and productively and more motivated to go add that extra bit of value or quality.

Research is providing objective evidence of the link between employee wellness and engagement. All of which is good news for for both employee and business alike if the right strategy is taken.

As a business leader your most important asset is your people, therefore their protection should be a priority for you. Shouldn't it? Certainly in order to enable your employees to maintain their productivity at work they need a sound sense of self. The AIM LMS courses encourage a mentally healthy employee and the AIM Safety Net can support them when times are difficult.

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