Project Overview

Working with the West Ham Academy coaches and staff in introducing the AIM Pillars programme to the players, fulfilling the requirements of the psychological and social elements of the Premier Leagues' EPPP academy plan. Weekly contact is made with the staff member in charge. Players have full access to resources and tools helping them maintain a healthy mental fitness, as well as providing them with suggestions where techniques can be used to improve performances.

” The Four Pillars is a fantastic platform that provides benefits for coaches, parents, the in house psychologist/support staff and most importantly the players. With feedback from the pillars I was able to understand what players were thinking and feeling about the relevant psychosocial challenges they face and in doing so this offers me the chance to engage with the players more effectively thus providing performance enhancement opportunities for both the players and myself as a coach."
Nick Haycock (Ex-West Ham United U21 Coach)

Players have responded well to taking responsibility for their own performance and well-being by completing questionnaires, and viewing and using feedback in order to develop themselves as players and individuals. Currently enjoying between 500 and 600 hits per month the 180 strong cohort are gradually integrating the Pillars Programme into their football education. As well as providing coaches and staff with an academy wide snapshot of the well-being of the players at any one time providing a background for improving performances and progress.

Project Details

client West Ham United F.C.
Date 16-6-2013
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West Ham Academy