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The Pillars FAQ'S

What age groups can use the Pillars ?

We have platforms available from 8 to adult.

How long should I use the Pillars ?

The resources available on the Pillars are continuously updating. Similarly you will find that your mental game can always be helped or improved. Committing to a sustainable amount of time each week will help you develop the skills and techniques to help you achieve your goals.

What do I need to run the Pillars?

The Pillars runs through a browser window, the site is available on most modern browsers and platforms IOS, Windows, Android.

Are there different levels of access ?

There are different levels of access to cater for different age groups as well as team and club environments. Player, Coach, Club Manager, Psychologist access levels are all available.

Is it easy to navigate ?

Our users so far have remarked how easy the site is to navigate. The site uses colour extensively as guides and consistent headings instantly help you learn which Pillar you are in.

The Safety Net FAQ'S

Is the Safety Net confidential ?

The Safety Net is totally confidential. Your connection to the website and any contact you may have with professionals via chat uses secure connections (TLS 1.2 128bit).

What subjects does the Safety Net cover ?

Most issues that can be regarded as a mental health issue, are covered in the Safety Net, however there may be particular issues unique to your organisation and the people inside it. Therefore additional materials can be developed to ensure a holistic provision.

How long do the videos take ?

The longest videos take approximately 4 minutes to explain a particular mental health problem. These can be used for educating yourself of what issues are as well as what they are not. Most videos however are approximately 2 minutes long.

Are the products available individually ?

At the moment although the products are perfectly suitable for individuals, we are at the moment dealing mainly at a business/organisation level. We have a shop solution in development if you require access as an individual, please contact us using the form.

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