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The 4 Pillars model

The "4 Pillars" model mapping who we are, what drives us and how we think and feel


Actualise with the 4 Pillars

Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow suggested that the pinnacle of human endeavour is to self-actualise, to maximise one’s true potential in other words.

Our monitoring platform allows organisations to track the mental well-being of all performers across sporting institutions, workplaces, and educational environments.

The platform combines self-monitoring with 24/7 psychological education, implementing The Four Pillars theory developed by Lee Richardson – Consultant Psychologist at Liverpool F.C.

The Pillars educational model promotes psychological literacy, alongside personal and performance development in 4 fundamental areas to aid personal and performance development. The 4 Pillars are: Awareness, Attitude, Agility, and Adjustment.

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Identify and develop personal and performance strengths and weaknesses, and understand and improve key relationship connections.



Consistent values and committed action towards individual or common objectives are the bedrock of all personal and organisational achievement.



Attentional focus and visualisation are key cognitive processes which support game readiness and intelligent decision making.



Psychological flexibility is the goal of the Acceptance & Commitment model, a discipline which underpins many high level performers. The Adjustment pillar examines the emotional world and how building resilience and flexibility can be crucial to success and enhanced life experiences.