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  • Not performing to the maximum
  • Inconsistent
  • Lacking confidence
  • Not playing at the level you/they want
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The AIM-FOR Player Programme

We all need help from time, start the journey to being a mindset master and better performances today.

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The course explains the model for success built by renowned psychologist Lee Richardson (LFC, LCCC)


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Master your mindset with the APP it uses the Pillars model to help you every day


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Join our club, join the AIM-FOR team and track your mindset progress in both your understanding of the model and your use of it in your performances 

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What our learners say

Allowed me to clearly view my strengths and what I need to Improve on and gave me an insight to future problems and successes I could face.


I like the ways in which you could relate to yourself and how you can improve in different areas of the game, and not only on the pitch.


  It makes you think about how you can improve your own performance when next playing. It was easy to access and could do it wherever I was.


Made me think about different scenarios and the bigger picture of football and everything else that goes into playing at the highest level.


Simple, easy to follow, different scenarios


Audio for text so it is easier to get through

Junior PRO

Understand a lot more about the game and myself

Grassroots player

How you can cope with certain things

Junior Pro

Helps all players from different backgrounds with components of what is going to happen in a footballers life


How it goes into more depth into the mindset side of football and how it prepares you

Junior PRO

Gave reassurance that it's okay to have setbacks and feel anxious and also shows how to deal with it


Bigger picture of football and everything else that goes into playing at the highest level


Start developing your career now!

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Download the APP and start practicing now.

The APP is available on IOS and Android and will help you practice what you have learned throughout the course. Using the performance cycle you will develop a routine that will start to create your ultimate mindset.
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Get on the Performance Hub.

The HUB is a web based platform that helps you to self-reflect on your performances and your progress. The HUB provides you with the ability to access an AIM performance coach who is able to help you unlock your potential.
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