Project Overview

The PFA has an important role to play in professional football in England. They provide support and assistance for their members regardless of their level of attainment. They are committed to the development of football players of all ages, and recognise that as professional sportsman they need to be aware of life after their career has ended. They also provide benevolent support for each of their members past and present.

As a result of their commitment to the support and maintenance of their memberships' continuing mental fitness. The PFA made the decision to commission AIM to tailor the AIM Safety Net to become a platform for a 24/7 resource provided for Academy members. Supported by the PFA counsellor network, all academy members are given access to the site with information and resources for self-help, as well as pathways for further guidance.

The PFA made the decision to roll out the Safety Net to the different age ranges of the Academy (EPPP) system, Premier league and Football league and provided this service for post 16 affiliate members of the PFA as well as those not yet a member of the PFA but within the Academy system.

The Safety Net was contextualised for the academy football audience introducing generic explanatory videos of mental health issues but also issues likely to be unique to the Academy system, e.g. Home sickness, Release from the Academy and Injury.


Project Details

client Professional Footballers Association (PFA)
Date 16-8-2014
Client website