Make a performance impact in sporting environments as a psychologist

What impact are you having as a psychologist:
  • Do you have enough clients
  • Do you retain them
  • Do you need a framework to maintain and monitor development when working in sporting environments
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Sport and Performance Psychologist support

Make a break through into the world of sports and help install a culture. We know how difficult it is for sport and performance psychologists to become part of the club culture. We provide the framework and the tools to get everybody on the same page using a model that helps to introduce robust researched psychological concepts to the end user, thus enabling the conversations to flow.  


Help coaches 

Get everybody on the same page the development model built by renowned psychologist Lee Richardson (LFC, LCCC)


Help players

Integrate into the environments you operate. Help players develop their own mindset.


Help yourself

Monitor multiple clients in different contexts, throughout a season and act on the info you receive to help them and their coaches improve

Used by EPL EFL clubs and psychologists

365 days per year

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Get on the Performance Hub.

The HUB is a web based platform that helps you to follow the progress of your teams and your players. The HUB provides you with the ability to monitor where your players are at.
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Encourage the players and coaches to download the APP 

The APP is available on IOS and Android and will help them practice what they have learned throughout the course. Using the performance cycle they will develop a coaching/performance routine that will help them develop their ultimate mindset.