Safety Net


Current mental health statistics tell us that up to 60% of those struggling with a mental health issue will not seek help from others. We believe the AIM Safety Net provides for all who are suffering, but mainly for those who feel uncomfortable seeking help from traditional routes.

The AIM Safety Net is a web platform that is used by organisations to provide mental health support and pathways for all their employees and members but especially the 60%.

Most current help when accessed consists of both talking therapies and medication. While CBT and other educational programs are now proven in their ability to provide valuable support to people who are suffering.

Professor Graham Turpin in his briefing paper suggests the Safety Net has wider potential applications for promoting mental health and well-being for both adults, children and young people, see the full briefing paper here ».


The AIM Safety Net aims to provide users with education, courses and pathways. Inevitably a better outcome is achieved if a mental health concern can be addressed early.

Halting the spiral of decline is the main objective of the Safety Net, but it recognises the fact that those with greater clinical need will still require more robust help.

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The Safety Net addresses the lowest level of personal disruption from Mental Health issues by educating the users about the causes of issues they face whilst allowing them to investigate the underlying factors that may be at play.

If you would like to make sure that your staff, students, or employees always have access to help and support on a wide range of issues or you would like your own bespoke version then get in touch, use the CONTACT US form or phone us on O800 689 0721.

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