Safety Net


Current mental health statistics tell us that up to 60% of those struggling with a mental health issue will not seek help from others.

Since January 2014, the Safety Net is a web platform that has been used by organisations to provide mental health support and pathways for all their employees and members but especially the 60%.

Professor Graham Turpin in his briefing paper suggests the Safety Net has wider potential applications for promoting mental health and well-being for both adults, children and young people, see the full briefing paper here ».

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The Safety Net aims to provide users with education, courses and pathways. Inevitably a better outcome is achieved if a mental health concern can be addressed early.

If you would like to make sure that your staff, students, or employees always have access to help and support on a wide range of issues or you would like your own bespoke version then get in touch, use the CONTACT US form or phone us on O800 689 0721.

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