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The AIM-FOR Safety Net
A secure online mental health support platform, with resources and pathways to further help.

Bespoke Safety Net

Backed by our own expert teams, we can deliver a professional solution that will enable you to develop and grow your workforce, support and educate your organisation, with the aim of improving their wellbeing and performance.

How we can tailor our products for
you and your people:

  1. Expanding the topic range.
  2. Making the style of presentation and language appropriate for the intended audience or to be in line with your brand requirements.
  3. Adding further links to relevant coping skills, sources of information and treatment options that you may think are beneficial and specific to your users.
  4. Linking to an your own Counselling/Therapy or our support services
  5. Connecting to your own in house IT platform.

If you would like to learn more about our tailored solutions then get in touch using the CONTACT US form, or phone us on 0800 689 0721.

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Three Sectors

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We all need the support both inside and out of the work environment. Find some help and information to protect your mental health on our workplace platform.


Students, teachers and staff alike face challenging emotional events and interactions every day. Information can help with those challenges.


Sport performers are vulnerable to mental health challenges throughout and especially after a career. Find out about the issues you may be facing.