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Our educational technology includes our online platforms and the Safety Net platform, all use the Four Pillars model (developed by Lee Richardson - Liverpool F.C. Psychologist) and other validated psychological frameworks backed by science.


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AIM–FOR, provide opportunities to develop a growth mindset and resilience providing performance improvement, well-being and mental health self-care for those performing in sport, ensuring they have the psychological and resilience strategies and resources to achieve their true potential.

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Since AIM-FOR began in 2014, we’ve partnered with sports organisations cultivating the awareness of sports/performance psychology and its ability to improve performance by developing mindsets.


We now bring our educational technology and mental health learning and support services to the wider population.

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Do you have a question about AIM–FOR, our e-learning courses, the Safety Net platform, or any other general inquiry regarding our services? Please view our most frequently asked questions down below to see if we can help. If you do not see your unique question listed or if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly by filling out our Contact form. A member of our team would be more than happy to do everything they can to address your bespoke requirements.

What age groups can take the courses?

All the content is delivered in a way that is fully accessible to individuals post 14 and also younger children when supported by a parent/carer. For other accessibility issues or requirements please use the contact form. Purchase of the course should be made by an adult in line with our terms and conditions.
Previous users have completed the course in 2 to 4 hours across a day or 2 or longer timeframe if necessary. Users can complete the course using various devices from fully responsive mobile to desktop, with progress being saved every time the user leaves the course.
Our entire platform comes with fully responsive mobile support and still contains all necessary features, dashboards, layouts, etc. Our platform supports both iOS and Android OS on mobile phones, tablets, and iOS and Windows on laptops and desktops.
Absolutely, for the first time, we are now offering individuals the opportunity for learning and growth. Typically, only employees, athletes, and students of businesses or institutions that have purchased our eLearning programme could take advantage of everything that AIM–FOR has to offer, but we’re now able to open up our platform to help develop mindsets. In keeping with our mission, we believe that everyone deserves accessible mental health education and support. And in order to destigmatize mental health issues in the world of sports, we believe that everyone should have the chance to receive the services that they need.
If you are an administrator, teacher, coach, or trainer, you can make bulk purchases of our positive psychology content special discounts will be available. Depending on your unique needs and age groups, we can provide bespoke courses specifically designed for your students.

Who can use the Safety Net?

Our Safety Net resources are differentiated by age within the UK we cover age 12 to adult. The Safety Net is contextualised into three areas, Sport, Business and Education.
Annual membership of the Safety Net platform will give the user full 24 hour access to the resources and pathways. The platform responsively displays on most devices and can be used whenever needed. An example would be accessing the "Having trouble Sleeping" resource in the middle of the night. People often feel the immediate benefit of the resources but over time that benefit may diminish as the individual starts to revert back to previous behaviours. Accessing the resources when needed supplies the repeated reinforcement of the learning and can provide the individual with a resilient mindset.
The Safety Net is optimised to work on ALL devices with access to the Internet.
A basic translation of the content is available via the link at the top of each page. If you require a more comprehensive translation please get in touch.
If you own a business and are looking to provide sound mental health education and support for your employees, you can purchase Safety Net mental health guidance and support. Your employees will instantly have access to a robust and comprehensive platform specifically designed to help them understand issues they may face and personally or with help deal with a range of issues.
If your school is looking to provide sound mental health education and support for your students and staff, you can purchase the Safety Net mental health guidance and support site on an annual licence. Your students will instantly have individual access to a robust and comprehensive platform specifically designed to help them understand issues they may face and personally or with help deal with a range of issues.
Absolutely, in addition to access for your students and pupils all staff can use the mental health guidance and support site using as a teaching tool on the class whiteboard.

Our Courses

Our Courses are all set in context and develop the connections between the following three areas



What are the keys to a consistent performance? How can you regain your best performance levels? How can you unlock your true potential?...

Our performance courses
Happy people


As far back as the Ancient Greek Philosophers mankind has pondered the questions that are relative to our happiness and Well-being. Challenges to our...

Our well-being courses

Mental Health

The topic of Mental Health and the prevalence of vulnerable groups amongst broad sections of society, has finally and rightly started to receive attention and focus...

Our mental-health courses


Seb Lletget LA Galaxy

It really made me think about my performance preparation and concentration and that I have to improve in these areas if I want to be as good as I can be. There's information on there like the interviews where you can listen to how others go about it and other tips that helped me improve. You can also access it on your phone which is pretty cool as well.

- Seb Lletget,

L.A. Galaxy (MLS)
Ex. West Ham United F.C

Our Clients

We have established some important links with various communities especially in the sporting environment. Some of the organisations we have worked with include.