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About Us

Our Mission

The Four Pillars platform provides the opportunity for understanding and improvement of key relationships, motivation, cognition and emotion. The Safety Net provides additional mental health support.

The continuum of high performance at one end and potential performance inhibiting factors at the other end is one that reflects the reality of Performance and Well- being. AIM is committed to help de-stigmatise mental health issues and promote the development of a positive psychological approach. Robust scientific educational material enables individuals to make improvements in psychological performance whilst supporting well-being for: performers/pupils; coaches/teachers; parents; psychologists and other support staff. The Pillars model is a framework for understanding the psychological reality of performance whilst the Safety Net provides important guidance in an engaging way for mental health concerns.

"Your emotional resilience can improve and strengthen, through understanding yourself better and improving your emotional intelligence"

Jean G. Larned

"I think self awareness is the most important thing in being a champion. "

Billie-Jean King

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

Dalai Lama

"Self-Awareness gives us ultimate human freedom."

Steven Coby

Your Personal Solution

Why should I use your product ?

We believe that not only is this the most comprehensive product of its type on the market. We believe it is the only product of its type on the market.

How have you made it different ?

The use of video, imagery and audio enable all learning styles to get the maximum benefit from the programme. All resources use colour to distinguish the different areas of mental fitness.

Can you guarantee success ?

Success is a relative term, success for one person is different from another. We believe when used consistently, the AIM Pillars Programme will provide you with the tools and techniques you need in order to develop yourself as a person and a performer.

Our Pact

Using applied learning and experience our PACT allows us to help people performing at all levels and in various fields e.g. Sport, Education, to achieve optimum performance levels enjoying the benefits that result.


Who is AIM-FOR?

Lee Richardson

Experience in professional sport as, player, coach, manager and since 2009 performance psychologist.

Nick Richardson

Experienced in professional sport and education provision.

Our Psychology Consultants

Peter Leakey

Consultant Psychologist
Peter is a clinical psychologist with over 43 years of experience with the NHS and private Practice. His long and varied career has given him extensive experience in matters related to Adult Mental health and Clinical Health Psychology and in recent years the application of psychological knowledge to Sport.

Professor Graham Turpin

Consultant Psychologist
Graham's research areas encapsulate clinical psychophysiology, cognitive processing in anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, early interventions for PTSD, psychotherapy evaluation and single case methods, workforce planning models, and diversity issues within applied psychology education and training.

Dr Matt Slater

Consultant Psychologist
Matt's expertise lay in the psychology of leadership and team functioning with performance contexts, together with the application of psychological skills to enhance psychological preparation and performance. These areas of expertise inform his teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate), research, and consultancy roles.

Dr Martin Turner

Consultant Psychologist
Martin's research and consultancy expertise is within performance under pressure and performance in the face of adversity. Specifically, stress and emotion is his specialism, and in particular, how individuals can better cope with pressure situations and setbacks.

Our Creative Consultants

David Leakey

Consultant Animator
David is a creative illustrator and animator specialising in creative communication and digital media.

Our Relationships

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