The Performers Development Hub

The Pillars hub where players, coaches and psychologists transform their club


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CONNECT with your mental game and get your players on the same page. The Performer’s Development Hub is designed for managing high performance teams and implementing expert coaching harmoniously and effectively. Reflecting on action and acting on reflection leads to transformation in performance. Individuals can join the AIM-FOR team and benefit from the coaching hub.


Team performance tools are pivotal to realising your team’s goals and fostering positive outlooks. You need to be able to easily monitor your club’s psycho-social performance and put in place informed developmental resources for players. The Hub streamlines your performance development plan, empowering you and your coaches to tackle performance obstacles head-on. 
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Benefit from -

Making data-driven transformations

The Four-Pillars Platform gives all members of the club, from players to psychologists a tool for analysing and reflecting on performance and mindset trends across the team. This supports everyone by enabling them to stay on top of their performance objectives, nip problems in the bud and implement custom coaching responses driven by expert analysis. 

Bringing technology to your team

Connecting players with the Hub is one of the most effective team performance tools, guaranteeing that you will be able to monitor their performance but also allow them to access feedback and developmental resources around the clock. Our algorithms will then assess their progress and allow you to personalise your players’ path to growth with their input. 

Observing measurable growth

The key to unlocking greater passion, purpose and direction is through analytical clarity. The Hub allows you to invest in your players and watch them give back. It doesn’t stop at identifying your strengths and assessing your goals, it maximises your potential by generating actionable insights for individuals and compiling the data you need to optimise your organisation’s coaching strategies.