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Frequently asked questions

What age groups can take the programs?

All the content is delivered in a way that is fully accessible to individuals post 13 and also younger children when supported by a parent/carer. For other accessibility issues or requirements please use the contact form. Purchase of the course should be made by an adult in line with our terms and conditions.

How can I purchase your programs for my team or my club?

f you are an administrator, coach, or trainer, you can make bulk purchases of our courses and content with special discounts available. Depending on your unique needs and age groups, we can also provide bespoke courses specifically designed for your players. Please just get in touch below...
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How long will the performance and well-being program take?

Previous users have completed the course in 2 to 4 hours across a day or longer timeframe if necessary. Users can complete the course using various devices from fully responsive mobile to desktop, with progress being saved every time the user leaves the course. The course can also be revisited to use as often as you like.

Can I purchase your courses as an individual?

Absolutely, for the first time, we are now offering individuals the opportunity for learning and growth. Typically, only employees, athletes, and students of businesses or institutions that have purchased our eLearning programme could take advantage of everything that AIM–FOR has to offer, but we’re now able to open up our platform to help develop mindsets. In keeping with our mission, we believe that everyone deserves accessible performance and mental health education and support. And in order to destigmatize mental health issues in the world of sports, we believe that everyone should have the chance to receive the valuable services that they need.

Can I use your platform via mobile?

Our entire platform comes with fully responsive mobile support and all necessary features, dashboards, layouts, etc.

Our platform supports most common browsers on both iOS and Android OS on mobile phones, tablets, and iOS and Windows on laptops and desktops.