AIM-FOR’s Safety Net: the recipe for mental health

Jess Sired

The Dilemma

You’re hungry. You want to make an omelette but you aren’t sure how. You’re feeling overwhelmed.

You call your Mum and she tells you that she just makes it up as she goes along. In her day you didn’t need a recipe for something so simple.

You look for that one cookbook you have in the house but you can’t find it. You don’t have the energy to look for it.
You trawl through recipe after recipe on the internet but some of these are too fancy and you don’t have chives, or smoked paprika, or an omelette maker in your cupboard. One of them starts with a long, rambling anecdote about the recipe-maker’s Dachshund. You don’t have time to read an essay, you are hungry.

Then you click on a website which has every recipe you can think of, neatly laid out under clear headings, with a shopping list and options to suit every scenario. There are substitute ingredients and options for different types of pan. Ideas that you haven’t even considered before. Want it to have a bit of a crunch? Crumble up some crisps to put on top! Solutions and advice, all just one click away. You save this website under ‘Favourites’ and resolve to use it any time you are unsure in the future.

Your mental health is suffering. You want to feel better but you aren’t sure how. You’re feeling overwhelmed.

The Safety Net is AIM-FOR’s resource for first level intervention. As part of the growing movement to encourage people to discuss and seek help with their emotional and psychological well-being it has become evident that the availability of resource is key, and the benefit of resources which promote self-help should not be underestimated.
Aim-For Safety net v.2
Statistics suggest that up to 60% of the general population are wary of seeking help for mental health issues, with this strikingly high statistic creeping up to 85 – 90% of people in male-dominated sporting environments.

There are many schools of thought on why people, and men in particular, find it difficult to address mental health struggles. The effect of the stigma surrounding mental health problems and difficulty for people with certain personality types to identify when they need outside help are some of many.

However, by removing barriers and providing the tools to help people educate themselves about their mental health, AIM-FOR, through the Safety Net and the up-coming online courses, hopes to provide proactive psychological skills which aid in developing resilience, and giving people agency in their own lives, at the earliest opportunity.
As we move from viewing mental health only in terms of crisis care and start to look at it as something which can be protected and improved upon on our own terms, it is important to know where to find a helpful, quality resource.

Read Professor Graham Turpin’s thoughts about the Safety Net here.

You now know a basic omelette recipe which you enjoy and you are comfortable with, but you can’t help but wonder what it might be like with smoked paprika in it. You look on the website. It doesn’t just tell you how much paprika to put in. This website gives you directions to the nearest shop with the best price and supports you through the entire process of creating this new and exciting taste sensation, step by step. Soon enough putting paprika in an omelette becomes second nature.

AIM-FOR recognises the importance of continued support with mental health. Beyond our first level intervention resources, we provide help on the next steps through our Pillars platform and our up-coming APP and courses. These tools provide wrap around care which not only stop the decline in mental health, but proactively reduce the risk of re-occurrence, and they will be available to you any time, day or night.

The Safety Net, making understanding mental health easier to digest!