We are all Performers.

Jess Sired

What is performance?

When we talk about a performance, we don’t just mean standing up in front of a crowd. We mean those daily challenges or tasks that you need to complete, and that you want to complete well. You might need to perform in a job, a hobby, or even when interacting with others, to list some examples.

We have many different roles in our lives, and when you look at them more closely you’ll find that these roles require you to perform. Granted, some more than others.

Whatever the role, an understanding of performance psychology is helpful. Doing any task can be loaded with emotional reactions, which can make the task or challenge more difficult to complete. Learning how to temper our reactions to triggering events in our environments can help us to overcome the negative effects they can have.

We at AIM-FOR want it to become commonplace that people are encouraged to understand their own performances, and that learning how to improve our everyday performances can bring us satisfaction and fulfilment in our lives.

We’re all human and sometimes we feel like giving up, or like we’re not good enough. Often we feel scared to fail, or that we’re capable of more, but by understanding our mentality when we are performing, we can learn how to overcome those feelings and get the best out of ourselves.